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Laser hair removal is an FDA-approved treatment wherein laser energy is used to interrupt the generative cycles of your unwanted hair. Besides making the unwanted hair fall off, laser hair removal prevents it from growing out again, helping you achieve permanently hair-free skin. Furthermore, laser hair removal doesn’t cause any harsh side effects or downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately. Laser hair removal is suitable for all parts of the body, whether it’s the bikini line, underarms, upper lips, shoulders, buttocks, or other regions.


Unwanted hair growth in the back can cause immense self-consciousness amongst men and women. The issue is exacerbated by the fact that you can’t shave your own back, and if you try, you’re likely to end up with more than a few razor burns. Laser hair removal helps you achieve a permanently hair-free back.


The term “bikini line” refers to the hair visible around the bikini bottom. Bikini line laser hair removal is perfect for those who want a clean and aesthetic look for the bikini season. It’s a simple, no-mess, and clean way of removing all the unwanted hair without dealing with wax or razor burns.


The term “Brazilian” refers to removing hair from the pubic region, external genitals, upper thighs, and the insides of the buttocks. Brazilian laser hair removal helps you achieve a smooth and clean bikini area for a lifetime.


Chest laser hair removal frees you from ever needing to wax or shave again, giving you a smooth and chiseled chest without nicks, cuts, razor burns, or other side effects. You can unbutton your shirt or go shirtless without worries.


Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure that permanently eliminates unwanted hair around the lips and on the chin. It allows you to achieve smooth and silky skin without worrying about the dreaded 5 o’clock shadow.


Most facial hair removal methods lead to burns, nicks, cuts, and irritation, but not laser hair removal. If you’re tired of constantly removing the hair around your upper and lower lips, sideburns, and other parts of your face, then laser hair removal is just for you.


Most people want smooth and flawless legs without unwanted hair. With laser hair removal, you gain silky and smooth legs without razor burns or the persistent shadow of hair follicles on your skin. Legs laser hair removal makes your legs look brighter and more gorgeous than they’ve ever been.


Underarm hair makes you feel self-conscious and traps sweat and dust during summers, affecting your overall hygiene. Laser hair removal permanently removes the underarm hair without nicks, cuts, and razor burns, allowing you to go sleeveless whenever you want without worrying about raising your arms.

Why Choose Madison Laser Spa?

Madison Laser Spa is a state-of-the-art and luxurious spa that focuses exclusively on laser hair removal for men and women. We use the cutting-edge diode laser to target unwanted hair, helping you achieve smooth skin. Our highly skilled providers plan the procedure according to your specific skin type and color to ensure optimal results without burning the surrounding skin. Furthermore, we follow a membership-based module wherein you can access unlimited hair removal sessions for the chosen body parts for a given period.

Madison Laser Spa is conveniently located at 764 Madison Ave on the Upper East Side. Please schedule an appointment to discuss your laser hair removal options.

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