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Removing facial hair can be tricky, especially if you experience frequent hair growth on your face. Shaving often can lead to a 5 o’clock shadow and razor burns on your face, affecting your overall complexion. Waxing regularly might not be feasible and could be a constant drain on your finances. However, our procedure is the ideal method to remove the unwanted hairs on your face without worrying about side effects, burns, or shadows. It eliminates the roots of your unwanted hair follicles, stopping hair growth completely without harsh side effects or downtime.

Drawbacks of Traditional Facial Hair Removal Methods

  • Shaving makes your facial hair grow out darker and harder.
  • Shaving eventually gives you a constant 5 o’clock shadow.
  • Shaving often leads to cuts and razor burns.
  • Waxing is an expensive and painful hair removal method.
  • Tweezing and electrolysis cause considerable pain and discomfort.
  • Most facial hair removal methods produce temporary results.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for the Face

  • Permanent Results: Facial laser hair removal is a permanent procedure because it eliminates the roots of the unwanted hair follicles. Your facial hair grows finer and sparser with each session until you achieve a completely hair-free face.
  • Gentle Treatment: Most facial hair removal methods, such as waxing and tweezing, cause considerable pain and discomfort. But laser hair removal is completely gentle, causing no pain, discomfort, or harsh side effects.
  • Lunchtime Procedure: You can slide your laser hair removal session into your lunch break, especially since facial hair removal only takes a few minutes.
  • Glowing Complexion: Our procedure permanently stops hair growth on the chin, upper/lower lips, sideburns, and other targeted regions. As such, it gives you a smooth and glowing complexion.
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How Facial Laser Hair Removal Works

You’re asked to shave or trim your facial hair before the procedure. During the treatment, your provider will run the laser device over the targeted facial regions. The laser energy will be absorbed by the pigment in your hair, killing the roots of your hair. You can resume your daily activities and schedule your next appointment after the next occurrence of facial hair growth.

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Why Choose Madison Laser Spa?

Madison Laser Spa is a state-of-the-art spa equipped with the latest laser technologies to remove the unwanted hairs on your face by their roots. Our highly skilled providers adjust the laser device according to your specific skin color and type to remove the hair without hurting your skin. We provide facial laser hair removal memberships, granting access to unlimited treatments in a year, allowing you to achieve a permanently clean and hair-free face. Please schedule a consultation with our providers at 764 Madison Avenue to discuss your options.

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